Where can you get 6.25% APY today?

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I just found another great interest rate offering right now. Actually, I found last week before FED announced no increasing interest rate on September 20, 2023, which means, the interest rate is staying at the same rate at 5.5% instead of 5.75% as they predicted that it would be possible increasing another 0.25%. I did make a video (live stream) about that offer just after FED made public announcement about interest rate, but somehow, that video turned out there is no voice at all. Yet. in that video, I said something else too. I don’t know why it has no voice. I did again talk something else, there was no problem at all… Anyway, here you can get 6.25% APY with your money.

Truliant Federal Credit Union is offering a 11-month certificate deposit at 6.25% APY interest. However, they require you to have initial deposit of $5,000.

On the same page of offering page, they do have a calculator for you to calculate how much you can earn from the interest with the amount you select. The calculator has a function for you to see how much you will be taxed too. If you are a person interesting in playing around with the numbers, hang there, play with their calculator.

Check it out this, How much will I earn and tax at 6.25% APY 11-month certificate? $1 Mil, $100K, $50K, $20K, $10K, $5K, $1K. I did some calculations there for you if, in case, you need it fast.

Not done it yet, you can go to How much interest can you earn on $1K, $10K, $100K, $1 million, $10 million or $50 million dollars per year at 6% APY interest rate? for details on how to get 6% APY interest too.

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