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Best Bank Account Bonuses, Promotional Rates

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BanksChecking / Saving Bonus or BothSpecial CD RateBusiness Checking BonusLast Updated
Bank of America$2002023/09/14
Columbia Bank $3002019/01/31
Town Bank$300 2018/12/31
University Credit Union $100 2019/05/15
Huntington Bank$5002018/12/31
Liberty Bank$100 00/00/0000
Columbia Bank$2002019/01/31
Citi Bank$5002018/12/31
Capital One$2002019/03/31
Central Illinois Bank $250 2018/12/31
Investors Bank$250 2019/03/31
East Wisconsin $20000/00/0000
Heritage Credit Union $1002019/01/31
Michigan State University Credit Union$1002019/01/31
Bankers Trust $25000/00/0000
Webster Bank Premier$3002018/12/31
Dane County Credit Union$5000/00/0000
Town Bank$502018/12/31
Five Star$1502018/12/31
CorePlus Credit Union$5000/00/0000
HSBC Bank$750, $3502018/12/28
PNC$200 $4002023/09/14
Bethpage Credit Union$2002023/09/14
BMO$300 5002023/09/14
WesBanco$400 $5002023/09/14
WinTrust$300$300 or $5002023/10/02
Truliant Credit Union6.25%2023/09/25
Alpena Alcona Area Credit Union7.19%2023/09/26
City Credit Union6%2023/10/01
Chase$900 $300 $2002023/10/07
Ocean Bank5.4% 4.25%2023/10/07

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If you want to see how the banks offered back then, before 2021, then see the following. As I remember back then, they did not require qualifying direct deposits which are far too high like right now. Some didn’t require qualifying direct deposit at all. It looks like they make and publish the offers with the purpose of using us (webmasters) as their ways to advertise their banks with free of charges. Back then, it does not have many websites writing about bank offers, bank bonuses or bank promotions. Also, there were not many people making video for YouTube like right now too and of course, not many, actually, no video about bank bonus… (Thursday, 9/14/2023 at 5:30 PM)

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