Saving Accounts: 6% Interest Rate and Where to Get?

Money! How to manage, save and generate more money like interst earnings, bonuses, promotions? can help you to see.

I found another great CD rate. That is at a credit union which I believe locating in Texas. They offer 6.00% APY for 12-month CD. Off course, they have some requirements too; for example, they require at least $1,000 as minimum deposit. If you interest, go to check it out.

I also saw their other saving account rates are not bad too. Here is what they offer for CDs, Roth IRA and IRA Certificates.

  • 6-month 4.5%
  • 12-month 6%
  • 24-month 4.85%
  • 36-month 4.40%
  • 48-month 4.40%
  • 60-month 4.40%

Where are they?

They are located in Texas as I got a quick look at the map on their website. The bank name is City Credit Union.

Other 6% interest saving accounts which I covered last week.

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Prepared, retrieved and written by Van USA.

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