BJ’s Wholesale Club Membership is $0 after…

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I just found this offer from BJ’s. They said we can join their membership club for $20 for 1-year membership and then we will get that $20 back in form of reward after spending $60. This offer is good for a new membership only. I’m feel sorry for their long time and loyalty members. I used to be their member for many years in roll but finally, I dropped it. Will I go to participate in their club with this offer? I don’t know. Let’s see am I willing to buy something in bulk.

Here is a snapshot I got from their ad. Click on the image to get to the offer.

Hey everybody, they changed their offer after I clicked on the link under above image. Probably, they only offer through the place I got the link, not from elsewhere. I’ll figure how to get the correct link. This offer is still there if I click on it from the place where they pay for sponsored.

Oh, even though, I got the link right at their website after clicking from their ad sponsored, it does not work. They change to $25 membership.

Van USA, Friday, October 6, 2023 6:04 A.M.

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