My Water Bill: How does it look like? How much is it? How much to pay for 1K gallon of water using?

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How does a water bill look like?

My water bill of this month using. Technically, the due date is this month which paying for last month using.

Here is a detail in pieces.

Part 1: Water Residential $10.53

$8.26 meter + $1.31 water + $0.96 tax = $10.53

That is the bill for the water I used from August 11 to September 13 (33 days). It is not the amount I actually used. What do I mean? Guess. I’ll tell you soon at the end of the post. When? I don’t know but I will.

Part 2: Wastewater Residential $23.72

$19.33 meter (wastewater) + $4.39 wastewater = $23.72

That is the wastewater bill from August 11 to September 13 (33 days).

Part 3: Account Summary $34.25

Here is the total of the entire bill.

$19.33 meter + $4.39 wastewater + $19.33 meter (wastewater) + $4.39 wastewater = $34.25

Part 4: Water Using History

Here is the graph of what I was billed for using the water since November 2021 to September 2023. The small column is what I paid $34.25. The tall column is $40 something. I’ll update later but it’s not a big issue, just some cents, nickels, dimes, quarters. The tall one took place when I turned on the garden horse to water the front yard lawn. It happened just one time of that month for half an hour to an hour long by hand. I believed I was billed for 2K-gallons of water using.

Part 5: My Message

I didn’t have a thought about writing something about my water bill or uploading the bill online. I got that thought suddenly right after I logged in to pay the bill. That’s why end up you guy see my water bill of this month.

Hey, don’t misunderstanding that I’m complaining something. I just show up my bill. That’s it. We’re fortunate enough having cleaned water for using daily basic instead of using dirty water which I and my family used to use for almost 17 years at the country where I was born. We evenly used the water to cook, to drink (after cooking)… from the stream where someone raised buffalos on the way water getting our place.

Part 6: Water Bill Gallery

Written on Tuesday, October 4, 2023 12:07 A.M.

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