Home Insurance Cost “PAIN IN THE BUTT”

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Happy New Year Everybody!

This video was recorded on December 13, 2021. These money bills were prepared to pay the house’s insurance. We paid by monthly in the past, they took money out of the bank every month. Since I forgot updated the debit card which they took out the money, they cancelled the insurance for couple months, but I didn’t know. I shall use the bank checking instead because there was money in the bank reserving for the property insurance. We cut a dollar here and there, buy the cheapest food to eat or control food we want to eat but we always be ready money couple months for the house insurance. We always prepare ready for the insurance payments because we are afraid that the insurance company using excuses when something could happen. However, last year, I was bad… I’m the one taking care the paperwork and payments of the family, but I failed… I had to run around to get the insurance and finally, I got one company agreed covering it with higher cost, less cover and high deductible and we had to pay full at one. Anyway, I was so happy I got one because it was nightmares for me since I found out there was no insurance covering on the house.

This year, started renewing on December 15, 2021, we had to pay extra 1K, 25% more… no explanation… it hurt so bad… I was kind aaa… so I decided recording every dollar bill before heading to the bank and submitting the payment to release my not well feeling/stress/depression. Then I uploaded the video in this channel keeping for myself but today, New Year Day, after looking at the weather, the surrounding us and the news of number Omicron (decent of COVID-19) infections, I said how about release this video and send a message “Happy New Year” to everyone instead of making a video saying Happy New Year… to make everybody a little happier when seeing the money. I wish I could spend that money for my holiday for myself instead of…

Now, we started worrying for next insurance payment… if it hits another 25% or more increasing, we have to figure where the money… not only the property insurance, but also the property tax…

Why we have to live the life is always worrying… especially, the higher the real estate market increasing, the more worrying… stress, depression… a place to live… renting… property tax, property insurance, homeowner associations (H.O.A.) fee, maintaining fee, insurance deductible… then more and more stress/depression… and then sick… cancer, heart attack, heart disease, diabetes… health insurance cost… funeral fee to dispose no-longer-in-use body…

Oh, no… my point to bring this video up is to make everybody happier when seeing the money but now I brought everybody worrying… baad… B.A.D.

So who is receiving benefits when the real estate market increasing? county property tax? property insurance company? investor? in state investor? out state investor? international investor? and who is suffering?

Video was recorded on December 13, 2021 Monday
Deposit to the bank: December 13, 2021 Monday 2 p.m.
Submitted the payment to the insurance company: December 13, 2021 Monday 5 p.m.
Uploaded: December 14, 2021 Tuesday
Published January 1, 2022 Saturday 5 p.m.
Title before July 18, 2023 – Happy New Year Everybody

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