How to Make Steamed Yuca

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Steamed Yucca Roots
How to Peel, Clean and Cook Yuca

Yuca is also called yucca or cassava.

Here is how to do to have a steamed cassava roots.

Step #1: Buy some yuca roots.

They’re not really expensive; you can get 3 roots for less than $2; price is vary from stores to stores so the better way is keeping an eye on the price every time going to the store.

Step #2: Clean the yuca roots.

Remove all the skins.

Wash them.

Soak them in uncooked rice water (just the water), add some salt and leave there overnight.  If you don’t have the rice water, use water and salt instead; I think they’re fine.  Honestly, I have never done this way because there is always rice water available in my house.

Step #3: Prepare to steam

Next morning, drain the water out and rewash the yuca roots.  If you want soaking them again, do it but don’t soak too long in the water because they’re not good when there are some small dark lines (veins) appear.

Place them in the steamer.


Don’t forget add water to the steamer base.

Step #4: Ready

It doesn’t take too long to steam the yuca roots.  How do I know whether they are ready or not?  It’s not hard to know, just open the steamer’s cover and you’ll see their colors are changed.  Yuca roots, now, are clearer.  To make sure, take a chopstick or a stick press on one of them; if the stick goes through to another side softly, that means they’re ready.  If you continue cooking a little longer, you’ll see they’re opened.

Steamed Yucca/Cassava (KHOAI MI HAP)

Step #5: Eating Suggestion

Simple way – you can eat them by dipping in the sugar.

Complicated way – make some coconut milk gravy, make some shredded coconut and some chopped peanuts.  Place cooked yuca on a dish, add some shredded coconut, add coconut milk gravy and don’t forget add some chunk dried peanuts on the top.  You can buy sweetened coconut flakes from the store but the taste is far away from the fresh coconut.

Written by B.T.